Our Story


Fueled by a passion for supporting small businesses and women, HALD & Co. launched in July of 2021.
HALD & Co. is a small, family-run business in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, that values the importance of giving women a platform. To actively support female entrepreneurs, we offer clothing and accessories from various woman-owned businesses. We aim to make supporting businesses run by female entrepreneurs easier by putting their products in one place.


Ethically Made

HALD & Co. is committed to researching companies and manufacturing processes before partnering with a brand, to ensure that our customers can confidently invest in clothes that are good for their bodies, their communities, and the environment. We strictly partner with ethical brands that are not only transparent, but also proud of their positive design and manufacturing process. From designing to mailing, we are all dedicated to minimizing the ecological footprint in the fashion industry. 


Locally Made & Fair Trade

While we aim to offer products made in North America, we are proud to offer culturally diverse products from brands that support their artisans in other countries with industry-standard wages, regulated business hours, and more. We understand the importance of wearing products that not only support, but empower the creators. Our goal at HALD & Co. is to simplify the search for ethical brands by creating a space that you can trust. 


Community Oriented

Many of the brands that we have partnered with have collaborated with initiatives that support animal rights, empower at-risk, abused or exploited women, earth protection, and more. 

To continue our support for women and communities, a portion of every sale will go to organizations in Canada that provide resources and assistance to women. If you would like to nominate an organization, please contact us here