Owned and operated by a female entrepreneur, HALD & Co. is an online boutique that offers clothing and accessories from brands owned by women. With a focus on ethically made products, HALD & Co. brands proudly offer slow fashion items that are complemented by features such as; sustainable materials, handmade jewelry, social justice advocacy, and more.


"If I could wear this everyday, I would. It is light and breezy in the legs, but is really well fitted from the waist up. I feel like a dang queen in it!!"

- Bobbi

Joey Jumpsuit
  • We aim to make supporting women-owned businesses easier by putting their products in one place.

  • From designing to mailing, we are all dedicated to minimizing the ecological footprint in the fashion industry. 

  • We partner with ethical brands that are not only transparent, but also proud of their positive design and manufacturing process.

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Giving Back To Our Communities

To continue our support for women and communities, a portion of every sale will go to organizations in Canada that provide resources and assistance to women.